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Learning Fly Fishing on Your Own is Overwhelming


Without a proven plan...

And that leads to endless frustration and constantly feeling overwhelmed. Find Your Cast has given countless anglers a plan to catch more fish. Our plan will work for you too. 

Fish Better Now

It's impossible to learn fly fishing without a plan. 

Our proven 4-Step Plan will transform your confidence and put more fish in the net.

1. Course Videos

Stop making frustrating mistakes and watch techniques done the right way. 

2. Expert Classes

Don't second guess your techniques, learn from experts who've been in your shoes. 

3. Guide Feedback

Questions and feedback play a huge part in your success as an anglers. 

4. Community

Transform your angling skills along side fellow like-minded anglers.

It's That Simple. 

When you optimize our 4-step plan, you'll not only feel confident in your fly fishing techniques - you'll actually catch more fish!


Fish Better Now

What is Find Your Cast? 

"We understand the frustration and lack of confidence beginners face when learning to fly fish on their own. Our proven 4-Step Plan puts a modern twist on traditional instruction and makes fly fishing simple. Find Your Cast will rapidly increase your confidence on the water and help you catch more fish!"

Matt Heron- Founder, Instructor & Guide


Fly Fishing Made Simple.

Your plan for better fishing. 

1. Pick your plan. 

Three convenient payment options for all budgets. Gain unlimited access instantly to the entire membership. 

2. Watch, engage & improve. 

We'll give you the tools guaranteed to supercharge your techniques. 

3. Catch more fish.

Catching more fish and having more fun has never been this simple!

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Everyone Deserves a Good Fish Story.

Who will you tell yours to?

David M.

"As a struggling beginner angler, my skills hit a wall. The step-by-step lessons were easy to follow and actually worked. My indicator drifts are 100% better and I'm catching more fish as a result!"

Deb M. 

"Euro nymphing seemed like a tall task as a new fly anger. After countless unsuccessful days on the water, I took advantage of Guide Talks and the Video Course Library. It's now my go-to nymphing method!"

Heath W.

"Worth every penny! I was overwhelmed by the amount of content online, I didn't know where to start or who to trust. FYC is exactly what I was looking for. My casting and reading the water skills have improved tenfold."

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Why Find Your Cast Works, and YouTube Doesn't

Stop wasting time on the disorganized mess of unreliable misinformation that is YouTube.  

Transform your skills with our Core Values



We have the web's best features under one roof. No more wasting time blindly searching for quality content. 


Expert, veteran guides and instructors only. No need to second guess the quality of the instructor anymore.


Clear, easy, step-by-step courses and lessons that actually track your progress. Really.


You're not alone. Join our private community of like minded anglers looking to supercharge their skills. 


Your questions are important. Ask away, anytime, anywhere. And actually get them answered by the pros. 


Stop second guessing your skills. That's why you're here, isn't it? Have better experiences and catch more fish. 

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